Ein bisschen Übersetzungsspaß muss sein: Entspannungsgeschichte auf Englisch

Hand aufs Herz, die Technik der automatisierten Übersetzung macht ständig Fortschritte aber wie sagt man doch gleich.. deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache.. das kommt dabei raus wenn eine Entspannungsgeschichte ins Englische übersetzt wird – viel Vergnügen, auch wenn manche Formulierungen eher „under all pig“ sind ;-)
Original: Entspannungsgeschichten: Spaziergang am Strand

Imagine that you go to your favorite beach.
The weather is perfect for the sun is shining, a nice cooling wind is blowing now and then.

Your favorite beach is deserted, you have him all to yourself.
You are surrounded by a pleasant silence, only the sound of waves sounds smooth and soothing. Your breathing is as regular as the waves. Without your intervention. You breathe in and breathe you out.

You stop and concentrate now on your feet. They are solidly on the warm sand. You can receive the feet a little buried in the sand and move your toes. The sand between your toes a little tickle. The soft, warm sand steadily from its heat to your feet and you feel that the heat you up through the feet to the legs, flowing through it.

While you are standing so that, enjoying the warmth that you can respect a little more on your breathing, because the fresh, salty air, something you do really well. With every breath you breathe a little deeper and a little deeper out. You feel like the fresh air is distributed in your nose, your lungs and your mind, breath by breath can appear more awake.
Can you imagine the taste of salty sea air between the lips and on your tongue? You stand still for a while – as long as you want – at your favorite beach and continue breathing deeply in and out. If you like, you can continue your walk too – maybe you found some pretty shells or stones that you can take home? You might also find a beach chair in which you can comfortably make it to you?

Finally, you take something from the warm sand in your hands. You move your hands in slow, circular movements – like as if you grind the sand or finer. The sand pleasant tingle on your palms, like a „massage ball“ that was preheated. You feel very good that your hands feel warmer and more awake now.

Before you decide to leave the beach again, you lie down again – your back is lying on the sand like a flexible, warm mattress. If you notice the differences? If you notice that you are serious in some places lie, as in other places? Stretch you arms and legs completely relaxed from you. Breathe in and out deeply and enjoy the sunshine and the steady murmur of the waves. Stay where you are as long as you want – your beach is patient and deserted and no one will disturb you here.
(5-7 minutes are quiet and can breathe)
Prepare now slowly prepare to leave the beach. Open your eyes, if you had them closed. Once again feel your arms and legs after. If you notice that you are relaxed and „straight“ with the rest back? Breathe deeply again and stretch out, do a little and enjoy this relaxing place once again in full, before you leave him. But do not worry, your favorite beach is always open and will always welcome you. Whenever you want you take a break, he will be available.

With these positive thoughts in mind, you rise slowly and you’re on the way home, where you arrive relaxed and refreshed.